It's hard to believe that it's been almost a decade since we embarked on a crazy experiment.  We wanted to test a new model of early-stage investing and see if it would line up with the new realities of startups.  We wanted to be the best partner for founders needing someone to believe in them before their startup was "hot" and on the radar screens of everybody else.

The bet worked, and we have been grateful to team with some of the best entrepreneurs in the world who have built some of today's greatest new digital businesses.

Like so many of the founders we work with, we are just getting started.  We know what it's like to experience the "us against the world" feeling that comes with inventing a new category of technology — We faced similar challenges when we needed to convince the best founders to take a chance on us.

If you have a passion for building a legendary company and are looking for someone who will have your back from the beginning, we hope you will consider us.